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CustomerLink provides Technology and Services to help retain and grow membership. Members getting value and a good experience will renew and say positive things to their friends and family, helping you recruit new members.

- Measure and track member's satisfaction ratings.

- Find out what members like and maintain what's working well.

- Find out what members would like to see improved so you can take action.

Our CustomerLink feedback tool provides a satisfaction score e.g. Net Promoter (NPS) and the key information you need to take action.  It is easy for you, and for your members, and we'll provide all the help you need to get set up and running.

Social Media Monitoring Technology listens for social media mentions about your brand on your selected social channels and presents them on a dashboard with text analytics, sentiment analysis and alerts, allowing you to gain further insights and to engage in a responsive and timely manner with your members.

Support Services: To get the best from technology you need the right implementation, process and knowledge. We are experts in everything Customer Service and can help with member segmentation, member journey mapping and CRM to determine what to ask, how often, to whom and what to do when the feedback starts rolling in. Your Membership retention program will deliver the best possible results.

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