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My Cooling Towel





Stay Cool, Stay Your Best, Stay Active

My Cooling Towel™ uses Cooling Technology to Help You Stay Active

Working out, whether it is at a gym or on a run, causes your body to warm up. Whatever you do, you are going to heat yourself up, sweat, and run the risk of heat exhaustion and other heat-related concerns.

Generally, people will drink water or sit in the shade to allow their bodies to cool down. While this does work, it is slow and takes you out of the action. My Cooling Towel, an effective and 100% chemical-free cooling towel, helps you to cool down while staying in the game, staying active, and staying your best. It empowers you and it helps you to stay your best – and it is scientifically proven to work.

Wet, Wring, and Wave

The three steps to using the My Cooling Towel are: Wet it, wring it, and wave it. Its usage makes it accessible to anyone. All you have to do is follow the steps and then wear it; you will start to cool down almost immediately. Benefits of using this include:

Increase performance
Speed up recovery
Make yourself comfortable when working out
100% chemical-free
Safe and effective
Looks good and is portable

The Science Behind It

My Cooling Technology has a scientifically proven method to increase performance and productivity. When you cool your body down, you can reduce heat-related risks to your health. The conditions and effects that could hurt your performance, like cramps and heat exhaustion, are less likely to happen. The conditions and effects that could hurt your recovery, like heat stroke and damage to your organs, lower in risk significantly, too.

Cooling down works, it is why doctors heavily recommend it for anyone at risk of heat-related conditions. By having a cooling towel, you can remain cool during your workout and feel less stress from heat.

Portable and Personable

My Cooling Towel’s design makes it portable and usable for anyone. Since you wring out excess water, it does not drip or cause a mess when you bring it with you, nor will it make your clothes soaked. You can have it outside or in a gym, anywhere you want.

What makes these towels fun is that you can choose the color. The color choice complements the already interesting and unique design of these towels, making them stylish. Choose from colors like blue, grey, and green, with other options available. All of them are vibrant and keep their color.

My Cooling Towel makes a perfect companion to anyone who likes to work out and get their body warmed up. It keeps you safe, aids in recovery, and keeps you working at your best.


These can be branded with your own Gym or as a towel to sell to your clients in store.

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