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Green Ribbon Campaign

20 May, 2015









See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership and its 90 partners organisations are rolling out a major month-long national campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2015. 500,000 green ribbons will be distributed free of charge and nationwide in conjunction with 100s of local and national events and at every Irish Rail station and Citizens Information centres. 


Tips of talking about mental health - Key messages


 You don’t need to be an expert to start talking about mental health or have all the answers. Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is to let someone know that you are there for them and simply listen.

·    Talk, but listen too: Simply being there will mean a lot.

·    Take your lead from the person: As a first step, ask them how best you can help.

·    Avoid the clichés: Phrases like ‘Cheer up’, ‘I’m sure it’ll pass’ and ‘Pull yourself together’ definitely won’t help - Being open minded, non-judgemental and listening will.

·    Keep in touch: There are lots of small ways of showing support - Send a text or just ask someone ‘how they’re doing”

·    Don’t just talk about mental health: Just be yourself, chat about everyday things as well.



Key events on the national Green Ribbon calendar:


- Friday May 15th has been designated National Time to Talk Day. This simple and cost-neutral concept invites people to make the space and time for conversation of mental health in their homes, workplaces, colleges, schools and communities on this day.


Let's Walk and Talk Forest Walk Series Nationwide series of “family-friendly forest walk events taking place at various weekends throughout the month of May, see


Voices for Mental Health arts performance showcase at St Patricks University Hospital on Sunday 24th May. 


The impact of the Green Ribbon campaign:


Over 1.6 million conversations about mental health were started during the Green Ribbon campaign of May 2014.

Among the key findings from Millward Brown Landsdowne was that a growing number of Irish adults have been hearing conversations about mental health among family, friends and at work since the Green Ribbon campaign.


·      7 in 10 say they now feel more comfortable in having a conversation about mental health.

        66% say the Green Ribbon campaign has encouraged them to start conversations about mental health.

·      62% have been hearing conversations about mental health among family and friends since the campaign (up from 52% in 2013)

·    53% have been hearing mental health conversations in their workplaces since the campaign (up from 44% in 2013)

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