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General Guidance Pools/Gyms

General guidance for leisure centres/gyms- Covid-19

  • A risk assessment should be carried out in each facility for each activity being carried out in accordance with HSA guidance
  • Swimming lessons should be postponed until 29th March as recommended by Ireland Active and Swim Ireland
  • Swimming pool water is deemed safe to swim in by the HSE/HPSC, albeit social distancing guidance should be followed
  • Saunas, steam rooms and spa facilities are recommended to be closed
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the gym/pool hall
  • Have frequent wipe downs of contact surfaces with single use disinfectant wipes or strong disinfectants and microfibre cloths. Note: Soaps and various moisturisers or oils neutralise disinfectants, so rinse these away before attempting to disinfect
  • Users should not share towels, water bottles etc.
  • All of the standard infection control guidance from the HSE should be heeded
  • Social distancing is kept at (updated) Dept of Health guidance of 2m/6ft, for people in the gym, classes and equipment, which will likely mean reduced numbers. There should be no hands-on adjustments or physical contact during group fitness classes
  • Facilities should comply with Dept of Health guidance that there should be no mass gatherings of more than 100 people if located indoors
  • Encourage vulnerable users and people who are feeling unwell to remain away from the facility
  • Communicate regularly with members and staff
  • Pool plant rooms should remain operational where possible in the immediate future
  • The above guidance will cause many facilities to reduce operations significantly, we have asked government to support business with a range of measures. We will update as information is received
  • Government supports for business and employment can be found on our website
  • Government have not issued guidance currently requiring leisure centres/gyms to close

IHRSA: Coronavirus Resources for Health Clubs is available here

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