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Industry Manuals

Contact Ireland Active to purchase any of these documents on or 01-6251192.

Please note existing manuals are ILAM produced documents, future publications will be rebranded as Ireland Active documents


EHFA/EuropeActive - The future of Health and Fitness

A plan for getting Europe active by 2025

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ILAM Swimming and Spa Pool Operations Manual

The operation of swimming & spa pools requires a commitment from management to ensure that the pools and spas are managed professionally. It is the only Swimming & Spa pool operation guide endorsed by the Environmental Health Officers Association and mandatory industry code of practice as required for the National Quality Standard award.

This guide provides advice for those who are involved in the operation and management of health and safety in swimming and spa pools on the island of Ireland. It provides a comprehensive industry code of practice covering the risks associated with the swimming and spa pool operation and the precautions which must be taken to help achieve a safer environment for users and employees. It is regularly updated with changes in health and safety law and new developments in relation to equipment, facilities and supervision arrangements.
Price: €40 members + PP €60 Non Members + PP


ILAM Swimming and Spa Pool Operations Manual (Foundation Level)

Price: €15 members + PP €20 Non Members + PP


Safe use and Operation of Bouncy Castles Guide

Bouncy castles and similar bouncing devices are being used increasingly in many locations in and around sports centres. This publication is a comprehensive guide to this subject.
It covers basic operating and emergency procedures, training of operators, inspection and maintenance and design.
Price: €40 member's €50 non members


Safe Supervision for teaching and coaching swimming

This publication provides guidance which is aimed at the owners and operators of all swimming pools where teaching and coaching takes place, and at those who undertake such activities. It deals with risk assessment, safety supervision and the safe ratios of pupils to teachers and coaches.
Price: €5 member's €10 non members


Water Slides a code of Practise for their safe operation

With the popularity of waterslides in sport and recreation centers nationally increasing, it is necessary to ensure they are staffed, operated and maintained safely. This document aims to ensure that safety is the key in all areas of their utilization.
Price: €40 member's €50 non members


IWS / ILAM / Swim Ireland Pool Safety Guidelines

The second edition of this mandatory industry code of practice produced jointly with SI (Swim Ireland) and the IWS (Irish Water Safety) the statutory agency was launched in 2010.
It is a mandatory requirement for the National Quality Standard. Following the guidelines will help ensure that your swimming pool meets the requirements of Health & Safety legislation. This revised publication will provide the leisure pool industry with guidelines and procedures that encompass rules of best practice drawn from many sources at national and international level.
It highlights, for pool operators and those working in and around swimming pools, some of the dangers associated with modern swimming facilities and precautions that should be taken to decrease possible risks. It is anticipated that designers, planners and suppliers use these guidelines to ensure best practice and ongoing safety issues receive priority attention at all times.

FREE copy (76 pages) downloadable click here.


Swimming Pool Water - PWTAG (SWIMPW)

This publication from the industry renowned Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group is the essential guide for everyone involved in the design, treatment, management and scrutiny of pools of all sorts – expanded, refined, updated, and still authoritative.

Swimming Pool Water was first published in 1999 and its unchallenged reputation has earned it sales of over 8,000 copies. Ten years on, the principles of pool water treatment have barely changed, but there are new developments, new ideas, new research, new concerns – new challenges.

Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group has now published this second edition which, at 200+ pages, is over 50 pages longer than the last. The new material is a rewarding mixture. There is more information in familiar areas – updated and refined where necessary. And there are new areas altogether. The rather different emphasis of the new edition is indicated by its longer subtitle – Treatment and quality standards for pools and spas. The new book has totally new chapters on spas and wide variety of other pools – as well as on other topics.
Price: €60 member's €95 non members


Please note, the following manuals are currently available directly from CIMSPA:

​The Health Suite Operators Guide


The Operators Guide serves as both an extensive reference guide and a training manual for staff in the health & fitness suite comprising of four sections: sunbeds, sauna, spa and steam rooms.
The guide gives a background to the equipment typically found in these facilities and enables operators to understand best practice in provision of such services. It provides operators and their staff with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the effects of these services on the body, highlighting the hazards, benefits and contra-indications to be able to recommend safe and appropriate use.

Operators Guide to Sauna Room Services (ISRMSAU)

​Operators Guide to Spa Pool Services (ISRMSPS)

Operators Guide to Steam Room Services (ISRMSRS)

Operators Guide to Sun tanning Services (ISRMSUN)

The following manuals are currently out of stock:

Child Protection Policy and Implementation Procedures

This publication offers guidelines to everyone in sport- professional and voluntary organizations, to adopt and implement procedures for managers, administrators, coaches, instructors officials, teachers, parents and young people.
Diving and Jumping in Swimming Pools
This publication deals solely with the special dangers associated with diving and jumping in pools. Written in clear, concise language the guide details the recommended strategy for safety and offers advice on poolside diving, diving stages, diving boards and open water areas.

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