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Ireland Active Governance Documents 

Ireland Active Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Ireland Active AGM 2019 Activities Report

Ireland Active AGM 2018 Activities Report

Ireland Active AGM 2017 Activities Report

Ireland Active Policy Development

Budget 2020 Submission

Budget 2019 Submission- Retention of 9% VAT rate, Capital investment, tax measures

National Sports Policy 2018-2027

GDPR Information May 2018

GDPR Presentation by Data Protection Commission- Ireland Active Conference Nov 2017

Budget 2018 Submission on VAT Rates, BIK, Capital investment and Sugar Tax- October 2017

Budget 2017 Submission on VAT Rates- October 2016

National Sports Policy Submission- January 2017

National Sports Policy Joint Submission with Swim Ireland- January 2017

Aquatic Leisure Industry Guidance

Hazard Labelling & Packaging according to the CLP Regulation

Ireland Active IWS Swim Ireland Swimming Pool Guidelines 2010

HPSC- National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland, 2009

HSA- Legionella Information Sheet

HSE (UK) Legionnaires’ disease- Approved Code of Practice and guidance on regulations 2013

HSE Ireland- Healthy and Safe Swimming March 2018

PWTAG Code of Practice for Swimming Pool Water- Dec 2016

Ireland Active Water Testing Fact Sheet 2017

HSA- Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Chemicals Guidance

HSA- Safe Hospitality- Leisure Areas

S.I. No. 619/2001 - Safety, Health and Welfare At Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations, 2001

Guidance on the Chemicals Acts 2008 and 2010

Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 (No. 10 of 2005)

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Health & Physical Activity

Healthy Ireland Survey: Key Findings 2019

Sport Ireland Supplement Product Checklist

Sport Ireland Informed Sport list 

Sport Ireland- Irish Sports Monitor 2017 (published May 2018)

National Physical Activity Plan 2016

National Exercise Referral Framework 2016

A Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013 - 2025

A Healthy Weight for Ireland: Obesity Policy and Action Plan 2016 – 2025

Healthy Ireland Survey 2016 - Summary of Findings

Safeguarding Children

Ireland Active Children First Guidance- November 2017 

Tusla Children First Act 2015 Guidance- November 2017

Developing a Child Safeguarding Statement Tusla Guidance- November 2017

Children First National Guidance 2017

Children First 2011

Tusla- Standard Reporting Form for Child Protection & Welfare Concerns

Children First 2017_Risk Assessment Template Guidance

Industry Publications

Europe Active- Deloitte European Fitness Market Report (Ireland) 2018

Club Business Magazine by IHRSA

Industry EHFA Updates

Peninsula - Daily Rest Periods 

MPLC - Important Information 

MPLC - Frequently Asked Questions 

MPLC - Application Form


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