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Garda Vetting

01 July, 2013

What is the purpose of Garda Vetting a staff member?

A facility operator has a duty to ensure that the staff employed at the facility are not a danger/threat to vulnerable adults or children in particular who use their facilities.  Consequently, submitting staff members for the Garda Vetting process should form part of a well-structured recruitment programme.  This also acts as a deterrent to certain individuals who may seek to gain such access via organisations who are not vigilant.

Garda Vetting should help to identify if, for example, a staff member has an undisclosed, pertinent, criminal record. Such disclosure by the Gardaí is made possible only by the staff member signing the declaration section on the back of the Garda Vetting application form.


The Gardaí search their records, and the results may indicate some or all of the following:
• No issues arising.
• Prosecutions - successful or not.
• Prosecutions - pending or completed.
• Convictions.

ILAM’s role in Garda Vetting

For the leisure sector, Garda Vetting is processed only through the offices of ILAM (The Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management Ireland Ltd).  We provide the service to ILAM members free of charge.  Currently, the Gardaí also do not charge for the Vetting service.


If you wish to avail of this service please email us.  [ accounts@ilam ie ]


We have detailed guidelines on how to complete the application form and on how to submit properly completed forms, as incomplete forms will result in delays in the process.


Once we receive properly completed application forms we process same and send them to the Garda Vetting Unit in Tipperary in batches for checking.  Currently, there is backlog due to the huge numbers of requests the Gardaí are receiving.  However, they have recently been allocated additional staff members and the process should be up to date shortly.

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