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Leadership is about taking people with you on a journey with a common goal….

05 May, 2015


Leadership is about taking people with you on a journey with a common goal….

Simple in theory… more difficult in practice, where the people you are leading have different goals or just don’t buy into yours.

The good news is that there are some actions that all good leaders do, and success is closer than you think.

1. Learning: How to become self-aware and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses of your own behavior, values and ethics.

2. Strategy: How to set out your objectives, identify market trends, make a risk assessment and develop a flexible business plan.

3. Creativity: How to generate a vision and creative innovative solutions that will enhance your own and your team’s performance.

4. Goals: How to produce a plan for achieving your top ten goals set against the roles you play in life and the values that you hold.

5. Time: How to think and plan constructively and how to prioritize to achieve better results.

6. Relationships: How to influence others by building good relationships and managing your own emotions.

7. Motivation: How to motivate others to develop themselves, promoting initiative and self-responsibility.

8. Change: How to take people from where you are now to where you want to be by taking the right actions along the way.

9. Communication: How to persuade and present so you can get your messages through better than you did before.

10. Responsibility: How to manage the demands and understanding the importance of nutrition, exercise and stress management.


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