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Ireland Active & White Flag - 13th November Convention 2015

10 June, 2015

Ireland Active & White Flag - 13th November Convention

Green Hospitality Programme

The Green Hospitality Programme (GHP) is the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Ireland.

GHP provides Resource Efficiency Advice, support and consulting to the Tourism & Hospitality sector across Ireland.  GHP also offers an environmental certification programme which is the only Irish developed certification standard for the whole hospitality sector.

Resource Efficiency leads to reduced costs across the Energy, Water and Waste areas within a business.  GHP has particular expertise in these areas and is confident that it can assist any business in reducing their costs.

Tourism and Hospitality businesses can engage with GHP at any support level - be it Energy management, site visit reviews, training, workshops/Master Classes, benchmarking, certification, etc.

Resource Efficiency in Leisure Centres with Swimming Pools

Labour and Utility Costs (Energy, Water & Waste) represent the 2 largest operational costs for leisure centres, yet there is very little guidance available for Leisure Centre Managers and owners as to good practice.

In conjunction with HSC Ltd and the Institute of Technology Tralee GHP has been engaged in developing a Resource Efficiency Guide for Leisure Centres with Swimming Pools.  This is an EPA GreenEnterprise funded programme.

Whilst the primary focus of the research has been within hotels with swimming pools the findings are applicable across the wider leisure sector.

Maurice Bergin, Managing Director of GHP, will present the up-to-date research findings and the draft Guide at the conference and will be looking for feedback and engagement from delegates.

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