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CEO Update

10 March, 2017

The team in the office have been busy over the past few months working on several initiatives and events on behalf of our members. It is important that the sectors voice is heard by government, that partnerships are forged that can benefit our members, that industry standards are raised, that our members have an opportunity to network and learn and that their training needs are met.

Below is just some of the work we have been doing-

National Sports Policy Submission

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport asked for submissions on a new National Sports Policy for the coming 10 years. We made two submission, one of our own and a joint submission with Swim Ireland around the development of a swimming strategy. The main points of the two submissions are outlined below-

Ireland Active Submission

- Long term investment to enable the implementation of the National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP)
- Review of the PE curriculum in primary and secondary school to ensure that the Dept of Education guidelines are implemented as per the NPAP
- Review of the Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme
- Annual Sports Capital Programme investment
- New National Facilities Strategy required
- Engagement with the public and private commercial sector as a major facilitator of Irish sport
- Maintain and extend tax measures to support physical activity- reduced VAT Rates
- Implementation of the White Flag National Quality Standards for facilities

Swim Ireland & Ireland Active Submission

Vision: Every child in Ireland will be able to swim 25m unaided before they leave primary school within the lifetime of the National Sport Policy

- At high level a cabinet committee should be established covering the areas of Health, Education and Sport.
- A senior officials group should then be established to examine the current structure of the school curriculum and how the school and sport sectors can best work together in delivering a swimming strategy.
- Under the National Sports Policy we believe that a working group should be established to deliver on the vision of every child being able to swim and deliver a National Swimming Strategy which would sit within the framework of a National Sports Policy

All submissions are published on the DTTAS website

Strategic Plan Regional Meetings

We are aiming to launch our new Strategic Plan in May 2017 for the 2017-2020 period. In developing the Plan we have had a number of stakeholder engagements which included Board strategy meetings, members survey and 5 regional meetings during February 2017.

Key themes emerging include the need for:

- a strong voice advocating for and representing the sector;
- services and training for members;
- raising industry standards;
- networking and events for all members;
- internal and external communications and;
- commercial development for the organisation

We will be drafting the plan over the coming weeks in advance of the launch and will keep members up to date on progress. Thank you for your input to date.

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