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Improving Members Engagement and Retention

29 June, 2017

A Member Case Study with Damaris Ayres, Customer Service Manager, Newpark Sports Centre and Customer Link.

Membership satisfaction, engagement and retention is an area of the business that our team at Newpark Sports Centre consider central to our continued success. It’s also a core requirement for the Ireland Active White Flag quality standard.

We talked to the team and they suggested to ask the customer what they think instead of waiting for complaints which made a lot of sense. They showed us this example: How likely would you recommend Ireland Active to a friend or colleague?

But let me give you a bit of background on us and our Customer Experience improvement journey.

Newpark Sports Centre has been open in Blackrock, Co. Dublin since 1973.  Initially opened as part of the school facilities it has become a busy well established Leisure Centre open to the public with a fitness centre and a variety of fitness classes.  We also run swimming and gymnastics programmes for children, Activity Camps during school holidays and birthday parties every weekend. In addition we run swimming lessons for children with special needs and, this year, we are expanding this programme to introduce fitness classes and camps. 

Customer care and Membership satisfaction previously was perceived as dealing with complaints that were received by paper based customer comment forms. This was reactive and did little to help us to truly engage our members to understand what aspects of our services members like and consider to be working well and where they would like to see improvements in. As well as retaining existing members and customers we also wanted to recruit new members and customers and positive word of mouth is key to achieving this.


The feedback tool is an extremely user friendly both for the centre and for our members. John and Chris from their team provided training, integrated with our Outlook email and also on the process of what questions to ask, how often, wording of questions etc to maximise engagement and response rates. They also gave practical advice on how to share the insights with the team, with the members and ho w to move from insight to improvement actions.  The difference between this tool and other feedback tools we assessed is how simple and effective it is. Is easy for us, easy for our members and we get a score we can track over time with valuable customer insights to help us understand what we do well and what we need to improve.

Initially we used internally to get feedback from staff after courses or in house training days.  This was a great way of getting started and also receive a consolidated online report eliminating the need to collect and transcribe analyse and file paper feedback forms. So much more efficient!

Seeing how easy it was to set up we progressed to looking for customer feedback from birthday parties and activity camps.  We now engage all our members and customers from almost all areas of the centre. 

When the feedback comes into the centre, it is made available to all staff.  We discuss the feedback and the possible changes that can be implemented immediately or introduced gradually. 

Using and the constructive feedback we get back from customers has been a real catalyst for changes in the centre.  These haven’t been huge changes, but still changes to improve customer experiences and ultimately increase return visits and positive word-of mouth, which is invaluable. is a super way to start the conversation with our customers and our staff.  It can open up discussion on a whole range of topics and bring a range of fresh voices and ideas to the table.  We want to retain our White Flag status and continue to do a great service for our members and we see being central to both goals going forward.

About Newpark Sports Centre: 

Newpark School Sports Centre is located in Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Contact the team by email: or call (0)1 288 3720 / (0)1 283 3037.

Click here for the Newpark Sports Centre website.


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