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EHFA welcomes Ireland Active

16 October, 2013

Brussels, October 16, 2013.

The European Health & Fitness Association is delighted to welcome Ireland Active as the national association member for Ireland in the community of the European health and fitness sector. On September 3rd, Ireland Active officially became the 18th national association member of the European Health and Fitness Association, and collaborative actions are already underway towards the goal of getting “More People, More Active, More Often”.

“Ireland Active has joined EHFA because we feel we can best achieve our goal of increasing the levels of participation in physical activity through partnership and cooperation with the European Health and Fitness Association. The services and research provided by EHFA will allow us to focus on our work in Ireland whilst also being kept aware of all developments in the health and fitness sector at European level. Ireland Active is finding its own new focus and purpose and being part of the wider European picture will help us to increase numbers of our citizens taking part in fitness and physical activity” said Christine Moloney, the Executive Chair. 

Along with placing much emphasis on physical activity, Ireland Active has already been working in cooperation with the EHFA in order to establish the national register of exercise professionals in Ireland as part of the EREPS Programme. The standards used for the Irish Register are already based on the pan-European standards developed by EHFA. There will now be more opportunities for Irish technical experts to become involved with the development of EHFA’s standards. The close working relationship was also demonstrated by the presence of EHFA Board member Herman Rutgers as keynote speaker at the Ireland Active National Convention, held in Cork on October 3rd.

Harm Tegelaars, EHFA President said “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Ireland Active into the fold and to work with them in order to encourage people throughout Europe to become more active. We have so much in common with each other and it is clear that the basis exists from which we can build a strong and progressive working relationship. The whole EHFA team is looking forward to working very closely with Ireland Active, representing them at European level and working towards achieving our common goals”.

Ireland Active becomes the 18th national association to be affiliated with EHFA and represented by them at European level. EHFA provides many services to its members but, it is with the support of national associations such as Ireland Active, that EHFA is able to act as a voice of the sector at the EU level. .

Notes to editors:
European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA)
EHFA- the European health & fitness Association, with its origins in 1996 as a not-for-profit organization, represents the interests of the European health & fitness sector at the EU level.
With and office and staff in Brussels since 2007, EHFA has been recognized as the official representative body for the sector. Its objective is “More People, More Active, More Often”. EHFA is also a standards setting body and promotes best practices in instruction and training to help battle the inactivity and obesity challenges spreading across Europe.
EHFA has among its membership more than 10.000 facilities, 17 national trade associations, leading suppliers, education/training providers and individuals. EHFA represents the sector with the EU and has very good connections with DG Sanco and DG EAC, who are awarded operating grants and project grants to EHFA. Two projects were conducted with EU funding; “The Hub”, a research project on the effects of Physical Activity promotional campaigns and study in 8 countries called “Fitness Against Doping”.
The association organizes several annual events for the sector, such as the Fitness Forum, International Standards Forum and the Executive Leadership Forum.
EHFA supports the development of the European Register of Exercise Professional, EREPS which it operates. EREPS is an independent process for the registering of qualified instructors, trainers and teachers working across Europe in the exercise and fitness industry, who meet European standards. These standards are developed for the sector under supervision and guidance from the EHFA Standards council.
For more information please visit: or or

About Ireland Active:
Ireland Active is as a not-for-profit organization, which represents the interests of the Irish health & fitness sector at a national level. Ireland Active have identified a primary goal, to make our nation healthier by getting more people more active more often. We will strive to facilitate the transformation from a ‘sickness’ reactive health service to a ‘wellness’ proactive healthcare model. The rapidly aging population calls for a more expansive range of products and services aimed at this demographic group. Ireland Active has identified the need for professional intervention and support from the fitness & leisure providers in relation to health provision within the Irish community. Ireland Active is committed to contributing significantly to this agenda.
Its objective is “More People, More Active, More Often”.
Ireland Active will strive to have a strong, influential voice on National and European issues. At the same time, we will strengthen our organisational capability and ensure that we deliver member services in a sustainable manner. We shall continue to build on the White Flag quality standard across our industry and enhance the service and capabilities of REPs Ireland, both of which are critical streams of Ireland Active. All of this will be underpinned by an enthusiastic and talented workforce. We aim to actively lobby our legislators to assist us in motivating communities to achieve our goal of getting more people more active more often.

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