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The first ever REPs Ireland national convention took place last Friday 27th June in UCD

23 June, 2014

Feedback from the convention here


The first ever REPs Ireland national convention took place last Friday 27th June in UCD.
The event was a great success, with a large attendance enjoying motivating keynote presentations and informative breakout sessions.
Convention proceedings including keynote presentations will be available early next week from the 7th July, as we collate the information from what was a very busy day.
Mr Dominic O'Keefe, head of Sport in UCD welcomed everyone to the fantastic UCD facilities.

The highlights included Dr Charles Eugster present 'I Have a Dream' that outlined his view of what exercise professionals & our industry would offer the older person.

As well as presenting at our convention he was busy doing the media round, with a great example of his fitness, taking on Mairead Farrell in a tricep dip competition. Which he won comfortably.
Watch the video clip here


The second keynote from Dave Wright, highlighted the threat and opportunity that technology brings.
In summary, people now have access to unlimited data around their workouts and performance, but the exercise professional must position themselves as the 'expert' to interperet that vast amount of info and data, and prescribe appropriate exercise progressions based on that data - combined with the exercise professionals knowledge and most importantly, experience.

For many, the highlight of the day was Ashley jones giving an insight into his views and beliefs as an exercise professional.
The take home message was no matter what education, qualifiactions and experience you have, if you dont have passion, you will not survive.
He spoke of the need to educate youreself, and never stop doing so. Open your mind and keep seeking new opportunities and experiences.
Most of all set yourself goals and display the dedication and discipline that you will expect of others in your work.

The breakout sessions in the afternoon brough the opportunity for leading practitioners in Ireland to network and share their ideas and thoughts on our industry.

The Bodybuilding community were represented fantasitically by the leading coaches and performers, and anyone who attended were amazed at the information and the knowledge of the expert panel. The greatest thing was the opportunity to be able to ask the best in Ireland face to face.


The weight management breakout was another session that had the best practitioners in Ireland giving their insight to common issues for exercise professionals.

In the Exercise Referral breakout, there was a consultation session on the new National Exercise for Health Referral Framework (NEHRF) as well as an update on the existing GP Exercise Referral program.

In the Group exercise breakout, again there was intense discussion on the future of Group exercise, where is it heading, and what is the future.

Finally in the Sport breakout session, ISCI facilited a great discussion and practical.

A huge thank you to all delegates, presenters and panellist for making the first national convention such a success. Keep in touch and help our professsion raise its standards, reputation and grow stronger together.

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