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23 June, 2014

A new Garda Vetting application form was issued recently by the Garda Central Vetting Unit.  This replaces all older Garda Vetting application forms.  The new form issued so as to comply with new disclosure filters* (see below).  In anticipation of the amendment to and commencement of the National Vetting Bureau Act 2012, these filters follow on from the introduction of procedural guidelines in relation to the disclosures reported as a result of an application for Garda Vetting as follows:

A. Criminal Convictions to be disclosed in all cases:
1) Offences Against the Person.
2) Sexual Offences
3) Convictions on indictment.

B. District Court Convictions which will not be disclosed:
1) Motoring Offences : - certain convictions will not be disclosed if 7 years have elapsed since conviction date.

2) Minor Public Order Offences  : certain convictions under the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994 will not be disclosed if the offence is over 7 years old.

3) Other minor offences – 1 Only:
District Court convictions for any other minor offence will not be disclosed after 7 years where the person has one such offence only (excluding motoring or public  order offences over 7 years old).  This provision does not apply to offences against the person or to sexual offences.

C. Probation Act Provisions
Other than those convicted on indictment, certain other offences dealt with in a District Court under the Probation Act will not now be disclosed.

D. Offences in respect of which a person is charged but subsequently not prosecuted or acquitted.  – The Garda Central Vetting Unit may make a determination to disclose information in relation to a person in this category.  “Non convictions will be considered for disclosure where the circumstances of an offence gives rise to a bona fide concern that the person concerned may harm a child or vulnerable person. This information will only be disclosed if the information is of such a nature that its disclosure is necessary, proportionate and reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of children or vulnerable persons, or both, as the case may be.”    This will be done only after communicating with the person involved and allowing the applicant an opportunity to make a written submission to them regarding same. 

We expect the National Vetting Bureau Act 2012 to commence in in the near future.  Keep an eye on this section of our website for updates.



“Garda Vetting Procedures, Administrative Filter” issued June 2014

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