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White Flag National Standard

07 July, 2014

Hi All,

Just a quick update in relation to the progress of the White Flag National Standard verification audits so far this cycle. 

Many audits have taken place and the feedback has been extremly positive. The audits are taking less time and are very stright forward. Many of you have your audits scheduled for the coming weeks however, if you have not received confirmtation of your audit date from your auditor, please contact

Accessibility audit dates have not yet been schudled yet, you will be notified of your date in the coming weeks. 

Please remember there are no non conformances this year, your auditors sole job is to verify the information you put down on your application form. In order to reach your provisional award stauts, please ensure al the correct information is available for your auditor to veryify on the day.

You must reach 100% of the criteria in Bronze/Emerald level in order to achieve the award.

If you fail to meet the minimum requirement, you are entitled to a re-audit prior to the end of the cycle however there will be a charge for sending the auditor back on site to conduct this. 

Please note, no further/new evidence can be taken in to consideration on the day of the audit, again, the auditors sole job is simply to veryify your information. If you cannot provide information to uphold the level of criteria you ticked on your form, the auditor will recommend you go down a level in that particular question, which may in certain situations effect your award or potentially not allow you receive an award. They cannot and will not be able to recommend you are awarded the higher level. 

Also, dont forget that the auditor is not there to catch you out or make things difficult for you, they are only there to macth the results from your form to your facility information.

For those of you who hav completed their audits, evaluation forms are on the way to you now. We would really appreciate it if you could take 2-3 minutes to fill out the form and provide us with some feedback that is necessary for moving positively forward. 

If anyone has any comments or sugestions to make in relation to the criteria and/or the process, please send them in writing to so they can be put forward for the White Flag review that will occur in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions pre or post audit please dont hesitate to contact us at

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